After an amazing overnight at Tibiao, Antique, we went to Malalison (Mararison) Island and Boracay. This is the second part of our 4-days-3-nights adventure in Tibiao, Malalison, and Boracay. By the way, thank you Air Asia Philippines for giving us the chance to see these wonderful places and a sure tourist destinations.

Malalison or Mararison is a small unspoiled island-destination in Antique. An island near the famous Boracay, perfect as a side-trip. It is one of the three island-barangays of Culasi, Antique. The island’s sandbar is known to change its curve depending on how strong the wind and waves can get. The two other islands in Culasi are Batbatan and Maniguin with Batbatan as the closest to Malalison.

IMG_2397 copy

IMG_2394 copy

IMG_2412 copy 2

IMG_2363 copy 2

IMG_2359 copy


Everyone knows Boracay, a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches and clear blue waters located about an hour’s flight from Manila. An island with numerous awards from different travel agencies, publications and organizations. Boracay is famous for being one of the world’s top travel destinations. A lively island with full of activities – day and night. Amazing, right?

IMG_3134 copy

IMG_2701 copy

IMG_2793 copy

IMG_3406 copy

IMG_2646 copy



February 19

11:00am             arrival in Culasi from Tibiao

11:30am             travelling to Malalison Island

12:00pm             at Malalison Island

04:45pm             left Culasi through Ceres bus going to Caticlan

05:45pm             at Pandan public terminal

06:45pm             at Caticlan Jetty Port

07:30pm             at Boracay Island

09:00pm             went to D’mall and bars

February 20

09:00am             breakfast at CocoLoco

12:00pm             went to Puka Beach

05:00pm             left Puka Beach to watch sunset at White Beach

06:00pm             at White Beach Station 3

06:30pm             back to hotel

08:00pm             at Golden Phoenix for buffet dinner

February 21

06:00am             went to Ariel’s Point

07:30am             breakfast at CocoLoco

09:00am             swimming and paddle boarding at White Beach

11:00am             hotel check-out




There is a resort in the island named Malalison Blue Lagoon and Spa but homestay is the most famous type of accommodation here. Listed below are some of the homestay options we considered for overnight stay.

Angelita Macuja Homestay: +63 912 815 9672 / P250 per head

Arjee Gayatin (Arjee’s Homestay): +63 915 308 3111 / P1200 for 4 persons / P1500 for 6 persons

Sally’s Balay Darayunan: +63 909 841 0185 / P1500 for 5 persons / P1800 for 8 persons / P2000 for 10 persons

Aling Jose Kubo: +63 928 301 7547 / P300 per person

Teresa Doroteo (Tess Homestay): +63 908 763 6316 / P400-P500 per person

El Doroteo Homestay: +63 920 857 6379 / P400-P500 per person


There is a lot of hotels, resorts, inns, and rooms in Boracay. Just do not forget to compare and do a little research. We stayed in CocoLoco Boracay Beach Resort located at Station 3 – Angol, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. We booked a discounted room rate through their website www.cocolocoboracay.com.



We came from Tibiao, Antique. You can ride a van or bus from Tibiao to Culasi (van – P20 per head).

From Iloilo City: go to Molo bus and van terminal and ride a bus going to Culasi.

From Kalibo or Caticlan: ride a bus or van going to Culasi.

Once you reached the bus terminal of Culasi, you can hire a tricycle going to Culasi Port, where the tourism office is located. You can also walk. You will pay registration fee here and your boat fee. From Culasi port to Malalison island, travel time is approximately 20 minutes.




From Caticlan airport, you need a 5-minute tricycle ride from the airport to Caticlan Jetty Port.

From Kalibo airport, ride a van going to Caticlan Jetty Port with travel time of 2 hours.

From Culasi, you can ride a van or bus going to Caticlan.

After arriving at Caticlan Jetty Port, you need to pay environmental fees, terminal fees, and boat fares to Boracay Island.




  • Trekking – your main activity in Malalison Island. You will be amazed by the views and the things island can offer. It took us 2 hours to complete exploring the island. The island has been popularly called the “Batanes of Antique” because of its landscape.

IMG_2375 copy

  • Pitcher Plants – there are pitcher plants (bellsprout) growing on both sides of the trail to make your trekking enjoyable.






  • Swimming / Sandbar – have fun swimming under the sun.




  • Nablag Islet – you can easily reach Nablag Islet from Luyo Beach during low tide.


IMG_2442 copy 2


  • Mini cave – while resting and waiting for a boat, explore their small cave.

IMG_2469 copy



  • White Beach (Station 1 to 3) – swim and enjoy the sunset on this epic side of the island. A lovely stretch of powdery white sand against azure water, it is also the commercial center of the island. The long beach is divided into three sections, Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3.

IMG_3377 copyDCIM103GOPROGOPR1405.DCIM103GOPROG0561373.

  • Puka Beach – The pristine Puka Shell Beach is located on the north end of Boracay Island and the second longest beach on the island after the famous White Beach. Puka Beach is an image of what most people expect on a tropical island: white sand, azure water, and relatively empty. This is where locals gather the small puka shells for some of the jewelry that is sold on the island so expect the sand to be coarser than on White Beach. The water tends to be a little rougher on this side of the island but it is much quieter.

IMG_2653 copy

IMG_2650 copy

IMG_2645 copy

  • Willy’s Rock – the most recognizable attraction on the island and the most photographed place in Boracay because of its amazing viewpoint and angle. It is also topped by a statue of the Virgin Mary.


IMG_3473 copy

  • Bulabog Beach – This is the 2.5km long water sports beach of Boracay, and is located on the east side of the island. From November to April, Bulabog Beach is the kite boarding and windsurfing heart of Boracay. From May to October it is the water sports center of Boracay. It is a 5-minute walk to D’Mall, 10 minutes to White Beach.
  • Diniwid Beach – A beautiful smaller White Sand Beach, a 10-minute walk from the famed Station 1 White Beach, and 20-minute drive to D’Mall in Station 2. Several hotels can be found directly on the beachfront while several villas are nestled atop a hill overlooking the stunning Diniwid and White Beach. A much less crowded beach perfect for those who value peace and quiet, yet still being near the more active White Beach area.

IMG_2958 copy

  • Bar-hopping – check different bars on the island, feel the vibe and enjoy the night.
  • Swimming – have fun under the sun.






You can lower these expenses; hotel, foods, and pasalubong. Above figures are for reference only, to give you a rough estimate/budget for your travel/vacation.



Seco Island – if you have time, you can visit Seco Island. Travel time to this beautiful and remote island is 3 hours, at a minimum.

Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao, Antique – details in separate blog entry.

Batbatan Island – a one-and-half hour boat ride and closer to Malalison Island.

Carabao Island – the island is only an hour away from Boracay but offers entirely different ambiance, no loud music, no crazy crowds, no hustle and bustle – just pure island relaxation.

Ariel’s Point – a hotspot just next to Boracay and only a short boat ride away. A cliff-jumping capital, I could say. An activity not to be missed by tourists.

Parasailing, Helmet-Diving, and other water-activities.

IMG_2979 copy 2



  • There is no ATM on the island, bring enough cash. No fancy restaurants and cozy bars in Malalison.
  • In Malalison, electricity is available only from 6PM to 10PM. Homestays have generators with extra charges.
  • Do not Leave trash on the island. Dispose it properly.
  • When trekking in Malalison do not pick pitcher plants.
  • Buy food and drinks at the mainland if you will stay overnight in Malalison.
  • Bring drinking water when hiking.
  • Bring and apply sunscreen before hiking.
  • Things to bring for overnight stay: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, flashlights, power bank, toiletries, and medicines. But there are stores in the island just in case.
  • Tricycle fares in Boracay is a bit different than before, they always ask for special trip rate.
  • Always compare prices from different travel and booking websites.
 mjian rating: 9/10



Aside from the ever-famous Boracay and Mararison Island, TIBIAO is the rising star for travelers and wanderers – a municipality in the province of Antique in the Western Visayas, Philippines. Surrounded by lush green scenery of natural resources, this place will surely give you the relaxed vacation you ever wanted. Visit, unwind, and experience the best ecoadventure only here in Tibiao!

This trip is part of 4-days-3-nights adventure of @travel.hubby and @travel.wifey to Tibiao, Mararison and Boracay. (Special thanks to AirAsia!) We will be living the simplest life possible with the thriftiest activities to get the most amazing experience for this travel.

Going to Tibiao via Kalibo

Upon arrival at Kalibo International Airport, we looked for tricycle terminal and hired one going to Ceres Bus Terminal. Look for bus bound to San Jose, Antique. Our bus made 2 stops, one at Ibajay and the 2nd stop at Pandan. We alight at Brgy. Importante and hired habal-habal to Kayak Inn.

You can also reach Tibiao via Caticlan, Roxas and Iloilo.

Caticlan: take a bus bound to San Jose, Antique. Drop-off at Brgy.  Importante (also called crossing) then rent habal-habal.

Roxas: first take a van bound to Kalibo then follow instructions above.

Iloilo: you can ride a van or bus bound to Culasi or Caticlan from Molo Bus and Van Terminal. Alight at Barangay Importante and rent habal-habal.


We stayed at Kayak Inn in Barangay Tuno, a recommended place if you want to experience nature and vacation at its simplest form. Our bamboo hut is just beside a river, one of the most relaxing experiences we had. They have “KAWA” hot baths for solo traveller, couples, and groups which you will surely love.


We left Kayak Inn at 4:30pm to go to Bugtong Bato Waterfalls. We already paid entrance fee at Brgy. Importante before checking in at Kayak Inn, we showed these receipts at Brgy. Tuno then Kuya Ladz (our tour guide) accompanied us to the falls.

The falls can be reached by 30 to 45 minutes of walking and nature-trekking.

Bugtong Bato is a 7-tiered waterfall hidden in the unexploited forest of Barangay Tuno in Tibiao, Antique. The first 3 levels are the ones frequently visited by travellers.

We finished our adventure at 6pm and upon reaching their barangay hall we watched some of their locals practicing street dance. We had barbecue while enjoying their company. A lovely and friendly place, amazing!

IMG_2121 copy

IMG_2098 copy


Some travellers are still enjoying their hot bath when we returned in Kayak Inn. We requested to have our hot bath in the morning after our breakfast so we can have a relaxing night and more enjoyable morning.

Kayak Inn’s KAWA hot bath is the best! We chose the largest KAWA for the two of us so we can swim freely. You can add some water to neutralize the heat of your body, I mean the “KAWA”. (hahaha!)

IMG_2244 copy


1st day

11:30am               arrival at Kalibo International Airport

12:00pm               at Ceres Terminal and took our lunch

12:30pm               bus left terminal bound to Tibiao

03:30pm               arrival at Kayak Inn

04:30pm               left Kayak Inn going to Bugtong Bato Waterfalls

06:30pm               back to Kayak Inn

08:00pm               dinner time (4 rice, 1 liempo, 1 big bowl of sinigang) – PERFECT!

10:30pm               lights out

2nd day

07:30am               breakfast

09:00am               KAWA HOT BATH

10:30am               depart from Kayak Inn going to Mararison Island


Other Activities

River Kayaking – Tibiao River is perfect for this kind of activity.

Eco Adventure Park – the place is near Kayak Inn, try zip-lining over Tibiao river.

Fish Spa – try their unlimited fish spa near the town proper.

Pottery and Brick Making – Brgy. Bandoja pottery and brick making is also worth a try.

Lambaklad Fishing – experience a new way and style of fishing only here in Tibiao.

Rafflesia flower – known as the world’s biggest exotic flower, sometimes called “corpse flower” due to its smell, can also be found here in Antique.



Fare: P150 Tricycle from Kalibo Airport to Ceres Bus Terminal
Food: P133 Lunch at Ceres Terminal for 2 pax
Fare: P304 Bus fare going to Tibiao (P152 per pax)
Fare: P140 Habal Habal fare going to Kayak Inn from crossing (P70 per ride)
Entrance: P100 entrance fee before our arrival in Kayak Inn
Accommodation: P2,000 overnight accommodation (up to 5 pax) with breakfast
Fee: P150 Tour Guide Fee
Fare: P40 Habal Habal fare from Kayak Inn to Bugtong Bato Falls (P20 per pax)
Massage: P400 service plus tip
Food: P300 busog-much food courtesy of Kayak Inn
Drinks: P250 beers, water, and coffee
Fare: P140 Habal-habal fare from Kayak Inn to crossing (P70 per ride)
Fare: P80 Van ride from Tibiao to Culasi (P40 per pax)
TOTAL P4,187  Total amount spent for our travel (P2,093.50 per pax)



  1. For a maximum kawa hot bath experience, use their biggest KAWA.
  2. Please do not forget to bring some insect repellent.
  3. Do not expect too much from your accommodation (no aircon/no tv) since you are here for a simple and relaxed vacation.
  4. Visit Tibiao early so you can have your Kawa Hot Bath after visiting Bugtong Bato falls in the afternoon. This is ideal for travelers who will go to Mararison Island the next day.
  5. Mobile signal is not that strong, there are areas without signal.
  6. Kayak Inn has no restaurant but their caretaker can cook for you.
  7. Do not hesitate to give tips to your tour guide.
  8. Say “thank you” always.


mjian rating: 9/10

Negros Occidental (Silay-Lakawon-Talisay-Bacolod), So Good!

Planning to go to Bacolod? Make sure to visit Silay and Lakawon, too. Since we only have limited number of days, we chose to explore the upper region of Negros Occidental. For first timers like us, I think this is the best option. Mabuhay!

Number of days: 3

Manila to Bacolod: Dec. 10 – 7:55am arrival in New Bacolod Silay Airport

Bacolod to Manila: Dec. 12 – 6:10pm departure in New Bacolod Silay Airport


Day 1 – Exploring Silay

El Ideal

Will start our day with a good breakfast, that is the goal. Our 8:30am breakfast: tocino and hotdog + extra rice + coffee. Do not forget their “GUAPPLE PIE” for P45 per slice. We are not that lucky, their “BUKO PIE” is not on display and will be available in the afternoon.

Café 1925

Your option for a meal, near El Ideal. Located at J. Pitong Ledesma Street few steps away from BPI.

Soledad and Maria Montelibano Lacson Ancestral House

The Montelibano-Lacson house was built during the American colonial period. This large two-storey corner house is located at Rizal St. and J. Pitong Ledesma St.


Jose Corteza Locsin Ancestral House

Our 2nd ancestral house stop located at Juan Valencia corner J. Pitong Ledesma St.


Balay Negrense Museum

One of the top destinations in Silay City, located at Cinco de Noviembre Street and Zulueta Street near Silay Public Plaza. Also known as Don Victor F. Gaston Ancestral House, Gaston family is one of Negros’ pioneering sugar plantation owners. Admission ticket for adult is P60.00.

20161210_113216 copy 2

They have a lot of history here of different things and their family.


Silay Public Plaza

Have some shots in their plaza before going to San Diego Pro-Cathedral.

San Diego Pro-Cathedral

The San Diego Pro-cathedral is named in honor of Didacus of Alcalá, the Franciscan saint more commonly known in the Philippines as San Diego de Alcalá. An early 20th century church formerly known as San Diego Parish Church or St. Didacus Parish Church. Located at Rizal Street and Zamora Street.

Silay City Hall

Just beside San Diego Pro-Cathedral is their municipal city hall located at Zamora Street.


Hofileña Museum

The ancestral home is also known as the Manuel Severino Hofilena Ancestral House. A heritage house pursuant to Board Resolution No. 3 dated April 6, 1993 of the National Historical Institute of the Republic of the Philippines. Located at Cinco de Noviembre Street just a few blocks away from Silay City Hall.


Other Ancestral Houses

There are other ancestral houses in Silay for you to see like the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum in Rizal Street, Maria Ledesma Golez Heritage Building in Burgos Street, and Manuel Dela Rama Locsin Ancestral House in Rizal Street which we have not seen. Well, they will be prioritized when we return.

After our visit to Silay City, we travelled to Lakawon Island in Cadiz City.


Day 2 – Lakawon Island and Tawhai Floating Bar / Talisay City

(Separate blog entries for Lakawon and Tawhai)


We spent one night in Lakawon Island and travelled back to Bacolod City the next day.

Sofia Bread & Pastries

Our first food trip in the city of Bacolod, truly sweet. Spent quality time of talking with my wife. Just a short distance from Circle Inn, located at Capitol Shopping Center, Narra Avenue.

The Ruins

One of the top things to do in Bacolod, Negros Occidental is to visit The Ruins in Talisay City. We hired a cab (one-way) from Bacolod City to take us to The Ruins. We are one of those last visitors to go out from The Ruins and rode a tricycle (P100) waiting outside going to South Terminal.

The Ruins is said to be the Taj Mahal of Negros. A symbol of undying love of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson to his wife, Maria Braga.

They have entrance fees for adult – P100, senior citizen/PWD – P50, student – P40, and children – P20.



Chicken House North

Looking for chicken inasal? This is a must-try restaurant in Bacolod. To complete our day, went here for a dinner and to experience original chicken inasal from Bacolod. 


Day 3 – Bacolod City (“The City of Smiles”)

Circle Inn

Place where we spent our last night in this lovely city, located at Lopez Jaena Street. They have free buffet breakfast and pool. We enjoyed the size and the setup of their room.

Museo Negrense de La Salle

The Museum is located within the campus of the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod beside their Coliseum. Walking distance from our hotel. They have no entrance fee but guards on duty will ask for an ID.


University of St. La Salle – Bacolod

San Sebastian Cathedral

This stunning church is a must when you are in Bacolod. Located at Rizal Street – just in front of Bacolod Public Plaza. The church façade and exterior is uniquely beautiful. We are lucky enough to attend their mass.

Bacolod Public Plaza

After visiting San Sebastian Church, went to their public plaza and bought some souvenirs.

Bongbong’s Pasalubong

Do not forget to buy some pasalubong, okay?

Manokan Country

To seal our Bacolod experience, we went here to take our lunch. Just a few meters away from SM this complex of chicken inasal restaurants is a must for food lovers. We ate at Nena’s Beth, one with the biggest space in Manokan.




There are still more tourist spots in Bacolod City to visit, unfortunately, we only have limited time. Well, we can always plan to go back in this lovely city. Watch out for that! Thanks…

Kaway-Kaway from Tawhai!

So you are thinking our adventure, your adventure, to Lakawon Island will just be like that? Come on…it will not be completed without saying “hi” to Tawhai Floating Bar, the famous floating bar in the land, so far. Tawhai is the largest floating bar in Asia. Amazing, right?



We decided to explore Tawhai on the 2nd day of our stay on the island, why? It will not be sulit on the 1st day. Their operating hours is up to 8pm only and it was already 6:30pm so we explored the island instead. Please take note of their operating hours since it varies during weekdays and weekends. Better to go to Tawhai in the afternoon (maybe at around 3pm) up to their closing time for you to enjoy every minute of it, from the majestic sunset up to your last order of beers. That will be awesome for sure!

Tawhai floating bar is under different management with Lakawon but both are working to give you the best island experience (I believe). Entrance fee is P250 inclusive of 1 drink (juice, soda, or beer). A bit expensive but the view and the experience is priceless. You can order additional food and drinks on the bar/cafe on a cash basis. We are hoping credit card payments will be accepted on our next visit.

Go there on your most comfortable swimwear, bring extra if you want. Jumping from their 2nd floor or just on the 1st level is one of the best things to do here. You can swim all day long, relax on their floaters while watching the sun sets, do some snorkelling, stay on their daybeds or hammocks, dance on their nonstop beats, and chat with your friends. These are the few things that Tawhai can offer.

If you want to experience a different kind of bar, this will surely be on your list. The sounds, setup, ambience, and their cozy daybeds are so perfect for your chillax moment. For sure, you will float in this bar.




(house rules photo courtesy of Lakawon Island Resorts @lakawonisland)


***mjian0930 rating: 8/10

Float with us for more of our travel adventures. Mabuhay!



Lakaw na sa Lakawon!

Let’s go to Lakawon! … We arrived  at New Bacolod-Silay Airport early  in the morning and went to Silay City for breakfast at the famous El Ideal and roamed around the town thereafter. You have 2 options to reach Silay, take the airport shuttle for P50 per pax or ride a tricycle waiting outside the airport for a cheaper fare.

From Silay City, we rode a jeepney going to Bacolod Northbound Terminal/Ceres Liner North Terminal with P12 fare per pax. Travel time is less than 30 minutes. Ceres terminal can easily be distinguished upon arrival. If you have ample time, you can ride their regular aircon bus going to Cadiz Viejo. We opted to ride in their non-stop bus for a fare of P95 per pax. Travel time is 1.5-2 hours. We told “manong konduktor” to drop us in Crossing Burgos/Martesan bus and tricycle terminal in Cadiz. Upon arrival, we rode a trike going to Cadiz Port/Lakawon Port for 20-30 minutes travel. One tricycle can accommodate 6 persons for P120 (same price for 2 pax). Do not worry, there are numerous signage showing directions going to Lakawon Island so you know the bus dropped you at the right spot!


We arrived at around 2:45PM at the port. We decided to wait for other guests to lessen the cost of boat ride. Boat round trip fees are as follows; 1-4 persons P1000, 5-7 persons P1200, 8-10 persons P1,500. Boat travel time is less than 30 minutes. In addition, you will pay an entrance fee of P100/person (below 4 years old free) and terminal fee of P20/person. Last trip from the island is 5pm, so if you are on a day tour you need to consider this to avoid additional charges. For those with cars, they have daytour parking fee of P75 and overnight parking fee of P100. I just do not know the basis of their pricing on the corkage fee of P50/person for the foods and drinks you bring (for me, P50/group will do).

Lakawon’s Bamboo Houses

Their Restaurant

Pearl Place

Lakawon offers different types of accommodation; they have bamboo houses (for overnight) good for 4 persons for P2,500, family cottages (for daytime) good for 1-10 guests for P1,200, and umbrella huts (for daytime) good for 1-6 guests for P600. Another overnight accommodation is their Pearl Place room which we reserved for P3,500. The room is equipped with aircon, TV, and 2 single beds with pullout. Even though Pearl Place area is far from the restaurant and gazebo, still, it is a good choice. Pearl place rooms have no private CR but there are several common CRs spacious enough for you to choose from. They have an ongoing hotel construction in the island plus other renovations to serve you better.

Gazebo and Lakawon’s Signature Structures





Our stay in the island was superb and amazing even just for 2 days and 1 night. We witnessed the majestic sunset and the beautiful sunrise. And we took more pictures and more time exploring the island without worrying the crowd (since it is off-peak).

Lakawon’s Sunset



Lakawon’s Sunrise



Their website is currently down at the moment, http://lakawonislandresort.com/ but you can visit their facebook page Lakawon Island Resorts / @lakawonisland.


***mjian0930 rating: 8.5/10 for Lakawon Island

Watch-out for separate blog entries for Tawhai Floating Bar and Bacolod/Silay City adventures…Thanks!

Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort, Labo’s Newest Destination


Who would have thought that this kind of resort will be put up in Labo, Camarines Norte? We all know that Labo is famous for its resorts with rivers and streams as their main attraction, aside from those beautiful waterfalls that only Labo can offer. So this must be a big hit for our “kababayans” out there, I believe!

Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort is located at Purok 2, Bloomingdale Homes, Brgy. Malasugui, Labo, Camarines Norte.



The 4-hectare destination offers this kind of facilities: Jacuzzi, big infinity pool, private swimming pool, kiddie pool and playground, team building center, basketball court, tennis court, function hall, organic farm, and fishing. They have 24-hour security for you to enjoy their environment all day and all night.

Their entrance fee is P100/pax (3 feet and below: free of charge). They have private pool rental for P5,000 inclusive of function hall, buffet table and chairs for maximum of 30 pax.



They have the following cottages: garden set – P150, garden set with umbrella – P250, tent with table and 6 chairs – P350, small cabana – P500, and big cabana – P700.

For accommodations, they have casa luntian dormitory (economy – P399, supreme – P449), villa (good for 6 persons – P3,499), executive room (good for 2 persons – P2,999), family room (good for 4 persons – P2,499), and deluxe room (good for 2 persons – P1,499).



From the town of Daet, you can ride a jeepney going to Labo in their integrated terminal located in Central Plaza. From Labo there are tricycles and jeepneys going to Paradiso Verde (Labo – Vinzons route). You can also hire tricycle upon arrival in Labo for special rates going to Paradiso Verde which is an easier and faster option.

We brought cooked foods and drinks (no corkage) to avoid the hassle of preparing our lunch, an option for us to maximize our swimming and “inuman” time. Hoping the management will setup a complete store plus a restaurant for a more enjoyable and relaxing stay for your family and friends. ‘Though there are “sari-sari” stores outside the resort who can cater to your needs.

You can contact the resort thru their phone lines: 0999 301 3514 or 0906 428 9155 (Jeff) and 0912 419 0590 or 0977 855 7620 (Raphy). You can also visit their facebok page: Paradiso Verde Organic Farm & Resort.



Please stay tune for other adventures! Thanks…

Wedding Suppliers – mjian0930 style

An article written not to promote or give them exposure (as we all know, they are all famous/“sikat” on their own fields) but to salute them on their hardwork, perseverance, style, patience, gentleness, concern, care, determination, persistence, professionalism, courage, presentation, ideas, skills, kindness, sacrifices and the friendship (of course). Thank you!

Hoping this will serve as a guide for some and options for everyone.

After series of wedding events and fairs we have attended and visited, we came up with the decision to get our wedding suppliers in Bicol for one reason – to promote our own. (hahaha) In reality, we cannot afford the expenses of Manila suppliers. Please take note of the word expenses, not their price/service but the accommodation, fares, foods and others that they needed and charged for out of town weddings plus the fact that there are suppliers out there who are choosy (am I right?).

But I still suggest to visit and attend this kind of wedding expo to gather some ideas and new wedding trends. Some suppliers offer big discounts and freebies on these events. Like us, we purchased our invites and souvenirs on these fairs.

Going back, these suppliers are arranged in no particular order and all the names that will be mentioned here are safe for tonight’s eviction. (hahaha) Envelope please! (Drum roll)



Thank you Ms. Myra Lope for being there always.

National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels

Address: 1000 Gen. Solano St, San Miguel, Manila, Metro Manila

Phone:(02) 734 1271

Another option for you is Quiapo Church in Manila.



Parroquia De San Pedro Apostol

Vinzons, Camarines Norte

Parish priest is Rev. Fr. Augusto Jesus B. Angeles III


Wedding Invites

Kenneth Uy Photography

138-C Kanlaon Street, Quezon City NearMayon& Lourdes Church

Sales:  +63917 328 0678 /TrunkLine/Graphics Design: 02-740 5639

E-mail: kentuy@gmail.com  or  kentuy@yahoo.com — INQUIRY






Rm 203 Emerald Place, #604 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City


Hizel Venus / 09178990505

SM Department Store & Marks and Spencer for souvenirs/tokens for ninongs and ninangs.


Wedding Rings

My Diamond

307 (A) 3/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, J. Vargas, Mandaluyong City


Engagement Ring

Matus Jewellery

5th Level, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall

Tel: (02) 7065391

email: infomatus@gmail.com


Gowns and Clothings

Ding’s Creation

Delia Artista Pandeagua

Gov. W. Panotes Ave, Barangay VIII Pob.,Daet, Philippines


For groom’s tuxedo, just wait for mall sale. There are various choices for you out there, try Onesimus too.

Special thanks to Ms. Fatima Pandeagua.



Video Coverage

Jason Yarte


Jason Yarte Events Photography and Videography

P5 Brgy.Lag-on, Daet, Camarines Norte

0995 954 5888


Photo Coverage

Alex Hikler Jimenez


Alex Jimenez Glamour Photography

Call 0919 993 0034

Email: alex_hiklerjimenez@yahoo.com


Makeup (prenup)

Francis Dela Punta & Mark Gil Zamudio

Francis dela Punta Salon

Mercedes Rd. Daet, Camarines Norte

Contact No. 09501059159 (kikay)


Food and Hotel Venue

Prime Suite Hotel

Vinzons Ave. Daet, Camarines Norte

(054) 571-3531 / (054) 440-3531 / 09158000373

Email: primesuitehotel@gmail.com

Cakes: Ms. Cecile of Labo

(Reception setup and design: Mong)



Wedding Setup and Coordination Package + Flowers + Makeup (wedding) + Hosting

All the things not mentioned above are included in Mong’s wedding package. (hahaha)

Mong Delfinado, Aga Rinon, & Marion Cartel (thanks to Kevin, too)

Daet, Camarines Norte

Contact No. 09162237808 (Mong)



Your budget for a wedding nowadays? Ah, forget about it (150K to 500K, up to 1M). It depends on your “diskarte” and the kind of celebration you want. Remember, this is all for you and your family! Mabuhay!

BenCab Museum

We visited Baguio last April 2014 and for the longest time this famous destination has not been part of our itinerary. But not anymore!

Allow me to share some of our views and experiences about this unique place from the eyes of a first-timer. But first, who is BenCab? Benedicto Reyes Cabrera is BenCab, a national artist and a master of contemporary Philippine art. The BenCab Museum is a project of the BenCab Art Foundation, a non-stock organization that supports activities related to arts and environment.



Our EcoTrail adventure started at around 10:30 in the morning with Kuya Greg as our guide. It was almost an hour of nature tripping and some learning about the Ifugaos – their lives, houses, and some of their traditions. You will be crossing two hanging bridges and some series of stairs/steps. And the best part here is the finale, their waterfalls. We are lucky that there are no current tours or big group of tourists that day so we enjoyed our ecotrail tour absolutely.





We took some rest at Café Sabel while having our lunch. Their restaurant is big enough to accommodate some numbers of visitors. You have to take orders and pay at the counter with menus listed on the board. We ordered Duck Flakes and Bencab’s Chicken Paprika and it was “sulit”. We also tried their Bencab’s brew and their strawberry shakes. Yum! Yum! Yum!

It was almost 1 in the afternoon when we started museum tour on our own. This time we opted not to be on their scheduled guided tour. BenCab museum offers different types and kinds of arts. You will definitely love each gallery that they have. Bencab Gallery, Cordillera Gallery, Phil. Contemporary Art Gallery 1 and 2, Maestro Gallery, Print Gallery, Erotica Gallery, Gallery Indigo, Sepia Gallery, Patio Salvador, Larawan Hall, Bulol Installation, Graffiti Wall, and E. Coseteng Patio are the walls and halls to consider to complete your BenCab experience. They also feature exhibitions of different artists and during our visit “Disneytopia” by Guerrero Habulan is  currently displayed from October 15 to December 4, 2016. If you want some souvenirs you can buy some items at their shop near the entrance/exit door.



“Sabel” is a major subject that recurs through BenCab’s works through the decades, inspired by a real-life scavenger, he photographed and sketched in 1965, the Sabel image has become the artists vehicle for the transmission of intensely emotional moods. When pushed to the limits of abstraction, the Sabel image serves as a fertile ground for the investigation of shape and structure. – www.bencabmuseum.org









BenCab Museum is open every Tuesdays to Sundays at 9am to 6pm (with last entry at 5:30pm) and closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The museum has a general admission of P120, P100 for students with ID, and P80 for seniors and PWD with ID. Same rate goes with their EcoTrail tour plus P100 tour guide fee. The place can be reached via cab/taxi from Burnham Park for 15 to 20 minutes or you can take Asin road-bound jeepneys with terminal at Kayang street at Baguio City Public Market.



Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan,
Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
Tel /Fax: (+63 74) 442 7165
Email: bencabartfoundation@gmail.com


BenCab Museum – simply amazing…

3D2N Baguio City Adventure

October 29 – 31, 2016

The optimum plan is to maximize our time from 6 am to 12 midnight in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, during our 3 days – 2 nights adventure by doing all the things we wanted and hitting all the tourist spots this wonderful place can offer. (But that was just a dream! hahaha)

By the way, you can travel to Baguio anytime you want even if you only have 1 hour left to plan and decide. Why? Regular bus trips to Baguio with 30 minutes to 1 hour intervals.

  • The ever famous Victory Liner (which we usually patronize)
    • From Cubao – Regular Aircon P445 / First Class with CR P750
    • From Pasay – Regular Aircon P455 / First Class with CR P750
    • From Caloocan – Regular Aircon P440
    • From Earnshaw – Regular Aircon P445
  • Genesis Bus (will try one day)
    • From Cubao – Standard Aircon P445 / JoyBus (Deluxe) P700
    • From Pasay – Standard Aircon P456
    • From Avenida – Standard Aircon P445

We decided to buy tickets in advance since our travel will coincide with a flock of “biyaheros” for Nov. 1 break and lucky for us we still got tickets for Oct. 29, 3am trip ‘though we were seated at the back (seat 41 and 42).

Try Victory and Genesis online booking portal for your convenience. Check their links below plus detailed schedules.



Traffic on the night of October 28 was superb. We arrived home at 12 midnight and the fact that our things are not yet prepared – oh yeah, no time to sleep! But that is okay, a usual scenario for us when travelling.

So here we go, Baguio!

Day 1

2:30am – We arrived at Victory Liner Cubao Terminal


3:30am – left Victory Liner with Bus 2229 (seat 41 & 42) – P445 per pax

8:20am – at Sison bus stop, Victory Liner, Asan Sur, Sison, Pangasinan (some snacks and CR break)

9am – Pangasinan Launion Bridge (heavy traffic / Kennon Road temporary closed)

11:45am – arrived at Victory Liner Baguio terminal (challenging traffic in Baguio – there are cars and trucks na tumitirik (get stalled) on our way up)

12noon – got reservation tickets for Oct. 31 (6pm trip going back to Cubao – P445 per pax)

Better to get your reservation tickets upon arrival in Baguio for a more relaxed vacation. Now, let us have some lunch.

12:30pm – at Happy Tummy in Ketchup Food Community for our buena mano foodtrip

1:30pm – going to our hotel, Baguio Holiday villas in Legarda Road (taxi fare – P80)


2pm – check-in at Baguio Holiday Villas with an initial cash-out of P1000 as refundable deposit (good to have some cash in your pocket, but don’t worry, there is PBCOM right next to the hotel)


8pm – left for dinner (walking distance to Good Taste)

Oh, details of 2-8pm? Ah, we slept. Okay? Remember, we have no sleep. (hehe)

Long queu in Good Taste so we opted to have our dinner in Sizzling Plate Baguio (in front of Central Park Restaurant, Cariño St.) Lucky #8 in line (Australian Porterhouse and Sizzling Sisig with Leche Flan and Sans rival)

9pm – at Burnham Park (tambay while eating Mango and Guava) also walking distance to hotel

10pm – went back to hotel (bought some beers at 7/11)



Day 2

7am – breakfast (room service / longanisa and tocino with coffee)


9am – going to the Shrine of Brown Madonna church cave as a sidetrip to BenCab (negotiated a one-way taxi fare of 300)

10:30am – at BenCab Museum (P120/pax) / Ecotrail (P120/pax) (+ P100 tour guide fee)



Lunch at Café Sabel (total of P750 meals)

2pm – out of BenCab (+ P100 tip to our tour guide)


2:30pm – at Woodcarvers Village (no car service, no problem – commuting is more fun with Jeepneys at P11/pax waiting in front of stores) dropped-off at Burnham Park and walked to hotel.

3:30pm – took a nap at the hotel

5:30pm – out for some food trips and gala (wanted to try Kaffeeklatsch but since they are mainly serving drinks we looked for another snack house)

5:45pm – at Vizcos for desserts (taxi fare – P53 / from Legarda to Session Road)

6:30pm – went to Baguio Cathedral (after mass, walkathon from cathedral to hotel area down to Café Melodin for dinner)


8:30pm – at Café Melodin for dinner


9:30pm – went back to Baguio Holiday Villas


Day 3

7am – wakeup

8am – breakfast

9:30am – check-out (we left our things at the hotel) and went to Maryknoll (Closed on Oct. 31 so we went to Lourdes Grotto instead)


11:15am – out of Loudes Grotto and going to Camp John Hay (taxi fare – P97)


11:40am – at Camp John Hay (The Manor area / visited camp souvenirs)

12:10pm – at LeChef restaurant (buffet @880/pax)

2:30pm – at cemetery of negativism and Bell House

3:40pm – out of Camp John Hay going to Gen. Aguinaldo museum (closed) / Baguio museum already closing too

Went back to hotel instead to get all the things


5pm – at Olive Café in Kisad Road for dinner

6pm – left Victory Liner terminal (Bus no 2046 / seat 7 and 8) …please make sure to be at the station 30 minutes before your schedule

7:45pm – at Sison bus stop

9:45pm – last bus stop at Tarlac City

12midnight at Victory Liner Cubao Terminal Station


These 3D2N Baguio itinerary may not be ideal to you but a preferred one for us. As I have said, those plans are just a dream since we do not want a tiring vacation. We want this Baguio trip a quality break not based on the number of destinations.

Watch out for a detailed narration of places we have been in this lovely city…DIOS MABALOS and MABUHAY!

Minalungao National Park (Nueva Ecija)

October 15, 2016 adventure trip…(instagram: @travel.hubby)

Taking this adventure trip is unplanned, I could say, eventhough the group talked about this 1 week ahead. This is not a usual travel itinerary since we have an officemate living in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija and we stayed there for a night. So let’s start!

After office and after taking our dinner (Jonas Pares in Robinsons Forum – newly opened) we rode a bus going to Cubao for Baliwag or Five Star bus station bound to Cabanatuan. We decided to take Five Star for faster travel but due to long line of commuters we transferred to Baliwag terminal. We are lucky to be seated in a bus at 9:30pm (bus fare: P185 – Cubao to Cabanatuan). We arrived in Cabanatuan at around 12:30 and we rented 2 tricycles going to Bongabon (1 trike – P350). Lucky for us, we have free accommodation with breakfast courtesy of our officemate (I got free tattoo too courtesy of tricycle paint…hahaha). Mabuhay!

After taking our breakfast we started our not-that-long (hehe) adventure trip going to Minalungao. We rented 2 tricycles for the group and traveled for less than 3 hours with stopovers in Palayan for some picture-taking. I’ve heard another option is to get off at Gapan, Nueva Ecija and you can hire a tricycle to Minalungao from there (500-800). We stopped at their provincial capitol building and convention center but forgot to stop at their welcome arch.

Nueva Ecija Convention Center, Palayan City
Provincial Capitol of Nueva Ecija, Palayan City


Upon arrival at Minalungao National Park, you will pay P50 entrance fee.

entrance of the park

Tour guides (children and real tour guides) will greet you once you arrived. We decided not to rent some cottage and we ate at their restaurant (have some orders so you can use their tables) located near the hanging bridge. We brought some food so we only spent P675 for additional orders. They have CR in front of the restaurant with pay, of course.



And then, our adventure began. Minalungao is a perfect getaway when you want to be separated from your busy city life. The rock formations and activities here will give you the break you wanted.


First, the hanging bridge! A reminder that life is not that stable and there are “pasaway” along the way. (hahaha)

at the hanging bridge

We are lucky that it rained after we reached the Giant Cross upon finishing our 1000 steps challenge. The hard part is going down; you have to be very careful since a little “dulas” will give you “sugat” (be careful to avoid injuries).

1000 steps challenge accepted



Hardest part of our adventure is going to the cave. Since it rained (due to typhoon), you have to be very careful with your steps and movement.



cave entrance



We decided not to swim, not because of the “kumukuha ng gwapo” thing, but because we still need to go to San Jose, Nueva Ecija. We left the marvelous and beautiful Minalungao National Park with happiness and laughter.




You can try their zipline and bamboo rafting for some adrenaline rush. By the way, they have hotel here if you want to stay overnight.


At last, we made it! So we need to jump for joy! Even typhoon Karen cannot stop us from moving. Mabuhay!

the mandatory jump shot!
Vincent, one of our tour guides jumped!

Stay tuned for another mjian0930 adventure…