BIG Travel – Bacolod, Iloilo, and Guimaras Adventure

Just want to show you how we survived Bacolod, Iloilo, and Guimaras adventure or simply – BIG travel without any tour packages. Well, we just realized that we cannot cope up with the fast phase of tour agencies unlike before (hahaha).

If you want to add 3 new provinces in your bucketlist then this kind of adventure is really for you. And if you really have the time, you can visit Gigantes Island, Roxas, Kalibo, Antique, and Boracay too.

Take note that Bacolod and Iloilo airports are far from the city center but there are shuttles, UV, taxis, jeepneys and tricycles that will take you to your hotel accommodation or terminals.



It is an annual festival in Bacolod City with highlights every fourth Sunday of October with street dancers wearing colorful costumes, masks, headdresses and SMILES. The celebration is popularly known as “the happiest and most colorful festival in the Philippines”.


HALA BIRA! This is Iloilo’s biggest festival and one of the famous religious and cultural celebrations in the Philippines held every 4th weekend of January. Take note that Ati-Atihan festival in Kalibo, Aklan is held every 3rd weekend of January.


Guimaras is the home of the sweetest MANGOES in the world and their Manggahan Festival is held every month of May. Mangga is the local term for mangoes.







  1. The Ruins
  2. Gazebo Restaurant
  3. Campuestohan
  4. Café Bobs
  5. San Sebastian Church
  6. Pope John Paul Tower
  7. Provincial Capitol and Lagoon
  8. Negros Museum



  1. Ponsyon by Breakthrough
  2. Sol Y Mar Resort, Tigbauan
  3. Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood Restaurant
  4. Jaro Cathedral
  5. Belfry
  6. Jaro Plaza
  7. Calle Real
  8. Plaza Libertad
  9. St. Michael Parish Church
  10. Iloilo City Hall
  11. Buto’t Balat, Jaro
  12. Ang Kamalig, Jaro
  13. Molo Mansion
  14. St. Anne Parish, Molo



  1. Smallest Plaza
  2. Jordan Municipal Hall
  3. Navalas Church
  4. Roca Encantada
  5. Windmill
  6. The Pitstop
  7. Guimaras Provincial Capitol
  8. Trappist Monastery
  9. Mango Plantation


There are other places and tourist spots to visit in Bacolod, Iloilo and Guimaras aside from those listed above. And lucky for us, was able to visit them last time we have been to the said 3 provinces on separate trips. You can check some of my blogs for the details.




  1. Campuestohan – Bonita Hut

  1. The Suites at Calle Nueva


  1. Sol Y Mar Beach Resort

  1. Harbor Town Hotel



Day 1 (Bacolod)

0600 am – NAIA terminal 3

0830 am – boarding (CEBU PACIFIC)

0930 am – eta Bacolod

0955 am – waiting in Shuttle, going to The Ruins

1030 am – at The Ruins / lunch

1200 pm – trike to Mandalangan terminal

1220 pm – taxi going to Lopues East for Campuestohan shuttle

1240 pm – at Lopues East, ETD 1pm going to Campuestohan

0130 pm – at Campuestohan

0200 pm – room check-in

0330 pm – explore Campuestohan

0630 pm – dinner

0900 pm – lights out


Day 2 (Bacolod)

0700 am – wakeup call

0730 am – breakfast

0830 am – explore for adventures, photoshoots

1200 pm – checkout

0100 pm – waiting for shuttle

0130 pm – at Bacolod City

0145 pm – check-in at The Suites

0215 pm – looking for resto to have some lunch, unaware of Diotay’s operating hours (11am to 2pm) and (5-10pm)

0230 pm – going to Café Bobs

0500 pm – back to hotel


Day 3 (Bacolod-Iloilo)

0700 am – wakeup call

0730 am – hotel breakfast (buffet – basic choices but better taste)

0815 am – going to San Sebastian Church and Pope John Paul tower

0900 am – at Provincial Capitol lagoon

0930 am – going to Negros Museum (photos not allowed on their toy museum)

1000 am – back to hotel

1130 am – check-out / going to Bredco port

1150 am – at the port

1220 pm – Fastcat departure going to Iloilo

0130 pm – at Iloilo, going to Ponsyon by Breakthrough for lunch

0200 pm – at Ponsyon

0345 pm – going to Tigbauan thru Ceres bus

0420 pm – at Sol Y Mar Resort

0700 pm – dinner

0930 pm – lights out


Day 4 (Iloilo)

0700 am – wakeup call

0800 am – breakfast

1200 pm – checkout

1230 pm – at Mohon terminal going to Tatoy’s

0145 pm – going to Harbor Town Hotel

0200 pm – hotel check-in

0530 pm – going to Robinsons Jaro

0605 pm – at Ang Kamalig Robinsons Jaro for dinner

0800 pm – Jaro Cathedral, plaza and Belfry

0845 pm – going back to hotel

1030 pm – lights out


Day 5 (Guimaras)

0530 am – wakeup call

0600 am – breakfast

0800 am – at Parola Port going to Guimaras

0825 am – boat ETD

0845 am – arrival at Guimaras, hired tricycle

0900 am – Smallest Plaza, Jordan Municipal Hall

1130 am – at Navalas church

1200 pm – at Roca Encantada

0130 pm – Windmill

0230 pm – at Pitstop for lunch

0320 pm – at Guimaras Provincial Capitol

0345 pm – Trappist Monastery

0415 pm – Mango Plantation

0500 pm – port going to Iloilo

0530 pm – back to Iloilo City

0600 pm – back to hotel

0830 pm – went out for dinner (Deco’s closed already), Harbortown Café as alternative

1030 pm – lights out


Day 6 (Iloilo)

0730 am – breakfast

0830 am – plaza Libertad, BongBongs, St. Michael Parish church and City Hall

1200 pm – going to Jaro

0115 pm – lunch at Buto’t Balat

0230 pm – going to Molo, St. Anne Church

0315 pm – at Molo Mansion

0400 pm – hotel check-out

0445 pm – at Iloilo Int’l Airport

0745 pm – boarding

0900 pm – back to Manila


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