2D1N Port Barton Itinerary with Island Hopping

If you want to experience paradise, like the good old days, Port Barton in Palawan is the one. It is a 3-hour drive from Puerto Princesa city and has no major commercial developments, no 5-star hotel, no banks or ATMs, and no full-day supply of electricity (from 6pm to 12pm only) generally. But there are some hotels which offer 24-hour supply of electricity. Port Barton is a perfect place for travelers who want to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle of city life. Explore various islands, dive and swim on its beautiful beaches, and have fun.




Getting There

From Puerto Princesa International Airport we went to Robinsons Palawan for a quick lunch and headed directly to Recaro Van Terminal for a 3-hour van ride going to Port Barton. The driver dropped us at our hotel. Amazing, right?



Our Stay

We stayed at Summerhomes Palawan so we can have a 24-hour electricity basically for charging. As we want to maximize our stay and explore this lovely place until the wee hours, this hotel is perfectly fit for us.

This is their website, http://summerhomes-palawan.com/, we booked a beach front chalet for a reasonable price per night. The room is big enough and offers the best view of the beach and garden. They have a beach bar, too.







Where to Eat

Port Barton have several restaurants for you to choose from. We had dinner at Bamboo House, just near San Isidro Labrador Church. They have variety of good food here but I still preferred “sinigang”. They have “buko”, too. Overall, our dinner experience is great.



Our hotel has a small restaurant and our accommodation includes a free breakfast for two.





Day 1: Puerto Princesa to Port Barton

10:30am – departure from Manila (delayed flight)

11:30am – arrival at Puerto Princesa

01:30pm – at Recaro Van Terminal

02:00pm – left terminal, going to Port Barton

04:30pm – at Port Barton, Palawan

05:30pm – at San Isidro Labrador Church to attend a mass

07:00pm – dinner at Bamboo House

08:00pm – beach stroll and beers

10:30pm – back at Summerhomes


Day 2: Port Barton Island Hopping

07:00am – breakfast

09:00am – left hotel for island hopping

09:30am – Twin Reef snorkeling

10:45am – at Inaladelan Island

02:00pm – at Paradise Island

03:00pm – Fantastic Reef snorkeling

03:45pm – Starfish Island / Sandbar

04:15pm – back to Summerhomes

05:00pm – going to Puerto Princesa

08:00pm – arrival at Puerto Princesa


Island Hopping


TWIN REEF – our first stop is at the middle of the sea, OMG. Lucky for me and my wife, our tour guide is so kind and assisted us in our snorkeling and swimming. You will be amazed by the corals and a variety of fish.





INALADELAN ISLAND – a 12-hectare private island which is also known as German Island. It features white sand beach and crystal-clear water for you to experience. Play beach volleyball, swing to the island’s beauty, and explore the whole island responsibly.

We spent more time on the island, enough for you to take some rest and enjoy the lunch prepared by your boatmen. We are the only Filipinos on tour and the chosen one who cannot swim. (lols) Fascinated by foreigners who can jump at the sea without a vest and still float, literally.






PARADISE ISLAND – a powdery-white sand beach with clear waters for snorkeling. This is also a privately-owned island you can visit. We only stayed for half an hour on this wonderful island and our next stop is again at the middle of the sea but offers more colorful corals and fascinating marine-life.



FANTASTIC REEF – a perfect snorkeling site, full of wonders. Again, we are happy to have our snorkeling activity with the help of our guide. They should be complemented but unfortunately, I was not able to remember their names. On my next post for our next adventure, will surely give them credits.



STARFISH ISLAND/SANDBAR – our last stop is a summation of our island hopping, a great experience. A sandbar full of starfish offering a picturesque view of Port Barton. Sunset is lovely here, as they say. But we arrived early and we cannot wait for it since the sun is joyfully striking us with his power.








  1. Be a responsible traveler and leave no trace. (you know what I mean)
  2. Bring your sun screens/sun blocks.
  3. A waterproof bag is recommended.
  4. Bring your own snorkeling gears if you have.
  5. Aqua shoes not required.
  6. Make sure to bring enough cash since there is no ATM in town.



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