Kaway-Kaway from Tawhai!

So you are thinking our adventure, your adventure, to Lakawon Island will just be like that? Come on…it will not be completed without saying “hi” to Tawhai Floating Bar, the famous floating bar in the land, so far. Tawhai is the largest floating bar in Asia. Amazing, right?



We decided to explore Tawhai on the 2nd day of our stay on the island, why? It will not be sulit on the 1st day. Their operating hours is up to 8pm only and it was already 6:30pm so we explored the island instead. Please take note of their operating hours since it varies during weekdays and weekends. Better to go to Tawhai in the afternoon (maybe at around 3pm) up to their closing time for you to enjoy every minute of it, from the majestic sunset up to your last order of beers. That will be awesome for sure!

Tawhai floating bar is under different management with Lakawon but both are working to give you the best island experience (I believe). Entrance fee is P250 inclusive of 1 drink (juice, soda, or beer). A bit expensive but the view and the experience is priceless. You can order additional food and drinks on the bar/cafe on a cash basis. We are hoping credit card payments will be accepted on our next visit.

Go there on your most comfortable swimwear, bring extra if you want. Jumping from their 2nd floor or just on the 1st level is one of the best things to do here. You can swim all day long, relax on their floaters while watching the sun sets, do some snorkelling, stay on their daybeds or hammocks, dance on their nonstop beats, and chat with your friends. These are the few things that Tawhai can offer.

If you want to experience a different kind of bar, this will surely be on your list. The sounds, setup, ambience, and their cozy daybeds are so perfect for your chillax moment. For sure, you will float in this bar.




(house rules photo courtesy of Lakawon Island Resorts @lakawonisland)


***mjian0930 rating: 8/10

Float with us for more of our travel adventures. Mabuhay!



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