3D2N Baguio City Adventure

October 29 – 31, 2016

The optimum plan is to maximize our time from 6 am to 12 midnight in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, during our 3 days – 2 nights adventure by doing all the things we wanted and hitting all the tourist spots this wonderful place can offer. (But that was just a dream! hahaha)

By the way, you can travel to Baguio anytime you want even if you only have 1 hour left to plan and decide. Why? Regular bus trips to Baguio with 30 minutes to 1 hour intervals.

  • The ever famous Victory Liner (which we usually patronize)
    • From Cubao – Regular Aircon P445 / First Class with CR P750
    • From Pasay – Regular Aircon P455 / First Class with CR P750
    • From Caloocan – Regular Aircon P440
    • From Earnshaw – Regular Aircon P445
  • Genesis Bus (will try one day)
    • From Cubao – Standard Aircon P445 / JoyBus (Deluxe) P700
    • From Pasay – Standard Aircon P456
    • From Avenida – Standard Aircon P445

We decided to buy tickets in advance since our travel will coincide with a flock of “biyaheros” for Nov. 1 break and lucky for us we still got tickets for Oct. 29, 3am trip ‘though we were seated at the back (seat 41 and 42).

Try Victory and Genesis online booking portal for your convenience. Check their links below plus detailed schedules.



Traffic on the night of October 28 was superb. We arrived home at 12 midnight and the fact that our things are not yet prepared – oh yeah, no time to sleep! But that is okay, a usual scenario for us when travelling.

So here we go, Baguio!

Day 1

2:30am – We arrived at Victory Liner Cubao Terminal


3:30am – left Victory Liner with Bus 2229 (seat 41 & 42) – P445 per pax

8:20am – at Sison bus stop, Victory Liner, Asan Sur, Sison, Pangasinan (some snacks and CR break)

9am – Pangasinan Launion Bridge (heavy traffic / Kennon Road temporary closed)

11:45am – arrived at Victory Liner Baguio terminal (challenging traffic in Baguio – there are cars and trucks na tumitirik (get stalled) on our way up)

12noon – got reservation tickets for Oct. 31 (6pm trip going back to Cubao – P445 per pax)

Better to get your reservation tickets upon arrival in Baguio for a more relaxed vacation. Now, let us have some lunch.

12:30pm – at Happy Tummy in Ketchup Food Community for our buena mano foodtrip

1:30pm – going to our hotel, Baguio Holiday villas in Legarda Road (taxi fare – P80)


2pm – check-in at Baguio Holiday Villas with an initial cash-out of P1000 as refundable deposit (good to have some cash in your pocket, but don’t worry, there is PBCOM right next to the hotel)


8pm – left for dinner (walking distance to Good Taste)

Oh, details of 2-8pm? Ah, we slept. Okay? Remember, we have no sleep. (hehe)

Long queu in Good Taste so we opted to have our dinner in Sizzling Plate Baguio (in front of Central Park Restaurant, Cariño St.) Lucky #8 in line (Australian Porterhouse and Sizzling Sisig with Leche Flan and Sans rival)

9pm – at Burnham Park (tambay while eating Mango and Guava) also walking distance to hotel

10pm – went back to hotel (bought some beers at 7/11)



Day 2

7am – breakfast (room service / longanisa and tocino with coffee)


9am – going to the Shrine of Brown Madonna church cave as a sidetrip to BenCab (negotiated a one-way taxi fare of 300)

10:30am – at BenCab Museum (P120/pax) / Ecotrail (P120/pax) (+ P100 tour guide fee)



Lunch at Café Sabel (total of P750 meals)

2pm – out of BenCab (+ P100 tip to our tour guide)


2:30pm – at Woodcarvers Village (no car service, no problem – commuting is more fun with Jeepneys at P11/pax waiting in front of stores) dropped-off at Burnham Park and walked to hotel.

3:30pm – took a nap at the hotel

5:30pm – out for some food trips and gala (wanted to try Kaffeeklatsch but since they are mainly serving drinks we looked for another snack house)

5:45pm – at Vizcos for desserts (taxi fare – P53 / from Legarda to Session Road)

6:30pm – went to Baguio Cathedral (after mass, walkathon from cathedral to hotel area down to Café Melodin for dinner)


8:30pm – at Café Melodin for dinner


9:30pm – went back to Baguio Holiday Villas


Day 3

7am – wakeup

8am – breakfast

9:30am – check-out (we left our things at the hotel) and went to Maryknoll (Closed on Oct. 31 so we went to Lourdes Grotto instead)


11:15am – out of Loudes Grotto and going to Camp John Hay (taxi fare – P97)


11:40am – at Camp John Hay (The Manor area / visited camp souvenirs)

12:10pm – at LeChef restaurant (buffet @880/pax)

2:30pm – at cemetery of negativism and Bell House

3:40pm – out of Camp John Hay going to Gen. Aguinaldo museum (closed) / Baguio museum already closing too

Went back to hotel instead to get all the things


5pm – at Olive Café in Kisad Road for dinner

6pm – left Victory Liner terminal (Bus no 2046 / seat 7 and 8) …please make sure to be at the station 30 minutes before your schedule

7:45pm – at Sison bus stop

9:45pm – last bus stop at Tarlac City

12midnight at Victory Liner Cubao Terminal Station


These 3D2N Baguio itinerary may not be ideal to you but a preferred one for us. As I have said, those plans are just a dream since we do not want a tiring vacation. We want this Baguio trip a quality break not based on the number of destinations.

Watch out for a detailed narration of places we have been in this lovely city…DIOS MABALOS and MABUHAY!

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