Minalungao National Park (Nueva Ecija)

October 15, 2016 adventure trip…(instagram: @travel.hubby)

Taking this adventure trip is unplanned, I could say, eventhough the group talked about this 1 week ahead. This is not a usual travel itinerary since we have an officemate living in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija and we stayed there for a night. So let’s start!

After office and after taking our dinner (Jonas Pares in Robinsons Forum – newly opened) we rode a bus going to Cubao for Baliwag or Five Star bus station bound to Cabanatuan. We decided to take Five Star for faster travel but due to long line of commuters we transferred to Baliwag terminal. We are lucky to be seated in a bus at 9:30pm (bus fare: P185 – Cubao to Cabanatuan). We arrived in Cabanatuan at around 12:30 and we rented 2 tricycles going to Bongabon (1 trike – P350). Lucky for us, we have free accommodation with breakfast courtesy of our officemate (I got free tattoo too courtesy of tricycle paint…hahaha). Mabuhay!

After taking our breakfast we started our not-that-long (hehe) adventure trip going to Minalungao. We rented 2 tricycles for the group and traveled for less than 3 hours with stopovers in Palayan for some picture-taking. I’ve heard another option is to get off at Gapan, Nueva Ecija and you can hire a tricycle to Minalungao from there (500-800). We stopped at their provincial capitol building and convention center but forgot to stop at their welcome arch.

Nueva Ecija Convention Center, Palayan City
Provincial Capitol of Nueva Ecija, Palayan City


Upon arrival at Minalungao National Park, you will pay P50 entrance fee.

entrance of the park

Tour guides (children and real tour guides) will greet you once you arrived. We decided not to rent some cottage and we ate at their restaurant (have some orders so you can use their tables) located near the hanging bridge. We brought some food so we only spent P675 for additional orders. They have CR in front of the restaurant with pay, of course.



And then, our adventure began. Minalungao is a perfect getaway when you want to be separated from your busy city life. The rock formations and activities here will give you the break you wanted.


First, the hanging bridge! A reminder that life is not that stable and there are “pasaway” along the way. (hahaha)

at the hanging bridge

We are lucky that it rained after we reached the Giant Cross upon finishing our 1000 steps challenge. The hard part is going down; you have to be very careful since a little “dulas” will give you “sugat” (be careful to avoid injuries).

1000 steps challenge accepted



Hardest part of our adventure is going to the cave. Since it rained (due to typhoon), you have to be very careful with your steps and movement.



cave entrance



We decided not to swim, not because of the “kumukuha ng gwapo” thing, but because we still need to go to San Jose, Nueva Ecija. We left the marvelous and beautiful Minalungao National Park with happiness and laughter.




You can try their zipline and bamboo rafting for some adrenaline rush. By the way, they have hotel here if you want to stay overnight.


At last, we made it! So we need to jump for joy! Even typhoon Karen cannot stop us from moving. Mabuhay!

the mandatory jump shot!
Vincent, one of our tour guides jumped!

Stay tuned for another mjian0930 adventure…

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